Saturday, April 19, 2008


We went for a drive out to the house today & saw that the brickies have started their work to finish the outside of the house. Below are some new pics taken today:

From the road

Brickies ever so clean site

Better view of our bricks

Mum & Dad being sticky beakers!

View from the back corner of the block

View from ontop of the dirt hill in the back corner of the block

The tilers have also been busy and have finished the tiling of the floor. We have the same tiles throughout the entire house including the bathrooms and capet in the lounge and the bedrooms. Below are a few pictures taken today also:

From the patio sliding door looking in

Looking from the lounge room towards the kitchen/linen cupboard

Kitchen - into the pantry

Looking from the garage up the hall way

The family room/ dining room from the kitchen

Thursday, April 17, 2008

LOCKED OUT 15.04.2008

We're now locked out of the house, so when we went for a look today I had to take these pics through the window (hence the crappy photos).

The tiler has been there working for the last few days, they're only doing the floor tiles at this stage and wont do the wall tiles until the carpenter has put in the kitchen & vanity so they can work around them.
Family room


CEILING DONE 8.04.2008

Below are a couple of photos of the plaster on the ceiling in, there is still a bit of tidying up to be done but it's looking more and more like a house every day.



Family room looking towards front door & loungeroom

Thursday, April 3, 2008

WE HAVE WALLS UP 31.03.2008

We now have walls up in the house, the ceiling is next then we're guessing the bricks will be after that, here is a few more recent photos:

Inside the garage

View from in the front door



Dad inspecting the house

Linen cupboard (next to the kitchen)

Main bedroom

Adam inspecting our bedroom cupboard

View down the hall-way from our bedroom



Main bathroom