Friday, February 22, 2008


I went back thisarvo with Mum to look at the house & they've done more on the roof, check it out!!


The back of the house roof & patio

Kado trying to get to the fence to play with the neighbours dog.

The back of the house

The kitchen & entry

The loungeroom & entry

From the front

The garage

Mum in our bedroom

The patio post

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've gone for another look at the house & the carpenters are there and the frames are up! They're currently working on the trusses so they can put the roof on and go full steam ahead!
Here's a few pics I took today.
A few of the house from the street

The front entry of the house
House looking from where the patio will be
Looking straigt from the back (the tank will be here)
Down the side from the back
Down the opposite side, the dining room & family room & at the front loungeroom looking towards the street

The inside looking out from the family room, that pipe in the middle will be where the kitchen sink is
Kitchen, pantry cupboard looking through the frames are the study & garage.

From the front this is the lounge room
Patio looking into the family room

We're meeting with the electrician on Monday afternoon to discuss where exactly we want the powerpoints, TV points, lights, phone points etc so looks like we're full steam ahead again, ready to go!

Here's one pic I took of Kado playing with the carpenters dog, they made friends quite quickly surprisingly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well with all the rain that is going on around the state and in Calliope we haven't been lucky enough to have any more progression on the house since the frames were delivered to the site.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Yesterday afternoon Adam and I went for a drive out to Calliope to inspect the block as I hadn't seen the slab since it was poured. When we arrived this is what we found below.... YAY WE HAVE THE FRAMES HERE!!!
So now we've just gotta wait for the weather to be good and the builders to come and start things happening.


On Friday 1.02.2008 they poured our slab... Here's some pictures Mum took of it only ours after it was poured... it's pretty exciting finally seeing it come together, up until now it was a really slow process.


Well on 31.01.2008 Mum went out to look at the block and take some pics for us, looks like they're getting ready to do something.... check out these pics below.