Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We're still here

Well we've been in the house for 4 months now and just this last weekend Adam has been crossing projects off our list of things to do.

Here is what he did this weekend:
* Hang the dryer on the wall in the laundry
* Hang the clothes line in the garage
* Hang the hose hangers on 2 of the outside taps
* Put up his speakers in the lounge room so we no longer have holes in the walls
* Mow the grass & wipper-snipper the yard

Here's what he has left
* Finish the hook on the big fence gate
* Hang our pictures on the walls
* Clean the ceiling of the patio (darn moths keep leaving a mess)
* Build a vegie garden
* Build a cubby house for Alex (he has a few years to do this one)
* Concrete a slab outside the laundry door so it's not such a big step (& the grass just doesn't grow there)
* Concrete a slab for the wheelie bins

So we still have quite a few projects to do but slowly they're getting done.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Few pics since we moved in 05/09/2008

I took a couple of pics today (by popular demand) because I hadn't taken any since we moved in so here are a few...

I got some pots from my grandparents as a house warming present & we picked them out from bunnings last w/end. We got a couple of little ones as well while we were there to fill the gap in the middle & just thought I'd show & tell them too

Kitchen (not much has changed here)

Dining room with our new dining table (and the loungeroom doors closed) - you can see the roller blinds in this pic too

Looking out from the lounge room into the kitchen/dining

Lounge room squeeze of the couches

Pannel glide blinds which open out to the patio

I'll be sure to take a few more once we clean up a bit, hehe

Sunday, August 3, 2008

GATES 03/08/2008

Today we almost finished the gates for the fence, the only problem is the latches, Adam didn't get them on today.

Here are some of the pictures from today:

Adam cutting the top of the fence to size

Adam coming through his 1/2 done gates

Big side finished (except for the latch)

Adam attempting to attach the latch (unfortunately he wasn't successful this time)

Finished small side gate

TURF & FENCING 02/08/2008

2/3 of the turf has now been laid, and we have begun progress on our gates. Here are some pics from yesterday when we were out at the house:

Front of house turfed (we have since put our number on the letter box bricks too)

Otherside of the yard

Front yard (the slope)

The side (still missing turf, meant to come next week)

Back yard turf

Turf behind the tank & down the side

Turf behind patio

Adam and I started production on building the gates out the front yesterday however we only got about 1/2 way through as the drill we were using wasn't strong enough to go through the metal to screw the pailings on the gates. Here are some pics of how far we got on this side. We also did the same on the other side of the house (just don't have pics).

Adam making sure the gate will be level

2nd gate & side pannel on

Adam attempting to screw on the pailings (he stopped at this one)

We also have our security screens in and the ensuite tiles are finished so here are 2 more pics taken later last week.
Main bedroom security screens through mirror doors
Ensuite toilet side (seen as we've only been showing the vanity side this entire time)

Thursday, July 31, 2008


So much is happening now, before we know it we'll be moving in!! I got a call thismorning from the construction office saying we can go and pick up the final invoice and the occupancy certificate to take to the bank so they can organise the final valuation and payment of the final invoice. Once the builders receive the final payment we can collect the keys and move in! How exciting!!

I have attached a few pics below we have taken over the last week or so but haven't updated yet. The cleaners are meant to be going in today, security screens and turf on friday so full steam ahead!

Our new letterbox (yesterday the tiler put some tiles on the top too)

Tank (missing the downpipes which are now done too)

Kado out visiting while Daddy diggs to "kado-proof" the fence

Adam working on the fence

Kitchen bench cleared

Looking from the family room past the dining to the entry (with our cool dining light)

Monday, July 21, 2008


On the weekend the electricians were out working on the house so we got to go and inspect their work so far... here are some pics of the lights, fans and the new tapware.

Main bedroom

Laundry Tub

Main bathroom vanity

Main bathroom shower

Ensuite vanity

Ensuite Lights

Ensuite shower

Friday, July 18, 2008

FEW EXTRAS 17/07/2008

Here are a few pics of what I took yesterday at the house:

Back patio

Our funky dining room light.

Air-con in the lounge room