Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Windows are all in now and the plumbing is done, chippies have gone in & done all their work now.

Monday, March 17, 2008


We went out to the house thisafternoon & the chippies have put in all bar the garage windows and the plumbers have been doing their bit also. So here are the latest pics:

Front entry from the garage

Patio & drive down side

Back of house, patio, our bedroom & ensuite windows

Windows from the inside of the family & dining room open area

Main bathroom, the bath will be under the window with the taps coming out in the middle

Ensuite shower plumbing & looking through the frames is one of the spare rooms

Other side of the ensuite shower (yep we're having a double headed shower - YAY)

Windows in our shower

Sliding door out to the patio from the family room

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Roof guys reckon it'll be finished monday afternoon.

From street

Down side we can drive through

Roofer working on garage roof

Front of house ladder is over the entry

Back of the house

ROOF STARTED 6/03/2008

Here's a few pics Mum took on 6/03/2008 when the roofers had only just started

Patio from back

Under patio roof - cables for electrician

Front with bit of insulation

Looking from back down skinny side

Insulation on roof

From other side of patio

Back of house

Roof from the inside


Roof battens were on after the gutters, so they're ready to start the roof now!

From the street

Patio with wiring hanging down

Back of house

GUTTERS 1/03/2008

Our gutters were put up the week before 1st March, We've got a few pics below of them:

From road front

Adam inspecting the insulation

The loungeroom from the outside

The garage

The back, looking at the patio

The back

Down the skinny side

The frames looking up at the roof steel