Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We're still here

Well we've been in the house for 4 months now and just this last weekend Adam has been crossing projects off our list of things to do.

Here is what he did this weekend:
* Hang the dryer on the wall in the laundry
* Hang the clothes line in the garage
* Hang the hose hangers on 2 of the outside taps
* Put up his speakers in the lounge room so we no longer have holes in the walls
* Mow the grass & wipper-snipper the yard

Here's what he has left
* Finish the hook on the big fence gate
* Hang our pictures on the walls
* Clean the ceiling of the patio (darn moths keep leaving a mess)
* Build a vegie garden
* Build a cubby house for Alex (he has a few years to do this one)
* Concrete a slab outside the laundry door so it's not such a big step (& the grass just doesn't grow there)
* Concrete a slab for the wheelie bins

So we still have quite a few projects to do but slowly they're getting done.

1 comment:

shellymonster said...

I love the fact you have build a cubby house for alex on the list... considering he's only just 3 months old heehee... Love it!